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[Fanfiction] Between the Mountains and the Plains, 3/4 (so far), "Don Camillo" stories
je suis Charlie

As it turns out, I can't cross-post from DW or even just publish this snippet here because the post is too large :( I guess 10,000 words is too much for a LJ post. Meh.

Title: Between the Mountains and the Plains
Fandom: Giovanni Guareschi's The Little World of Don Camillo stories
Genre: Humour/drama
Rating: G
Summary: We only ever get hints in the books and films of what Don Camillo's and Peppone's clandestine activities were during the German occupation. Here's my take on the idea.
Chapter: 3. With December come bad news. Hope is not always found at the bottom of a box, but some people may find it there anyway.

A Natale, freddo cordiale.
(At Christmas, the cold is friendly [meaning, it gets colder afterwards].)

Italian proverb.

December 1943

The chapter is here. Since the 4th is about as large if not larger, I'll post it to DW and put a link here as well. Sorry about that :-/